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Margriet Koedooder Panellid Music Motion

Margriet Koedooder Panellid Music Motion

Margriet Koedooder zal op 23 mei a.s. namens De Vos & Partners deelnemen aan een panel tijdens het evenement MUSIC IN MOTION over de betekenis van het nieuwe auteurscontractenrecht voor producers.


is THE EVENT on music and business innovation in the creative industries, organised by Buma Cultuur.


This panel will focus on the New Author Contract Law that took effect last year. The aim of the legislation is to strengthen the position of producers when it comes to the exploitation of their IP. What are the major changes? What are the real implications for media composers? In this panel, we will be attempting to offer answers to questions like: What has changed for film and media composers with the new copyright contract law? What does the ideal author-publisher relationship look like? What should a media composer expect from a publisher?


Ook zal Margriet Koedooder namens De Vos & Partners aanwezig zijn bij het onderdeel MATCHMAKING tijdens het jaarlijkse evenement van Buma Cultuur voor de makers van opdrachtmuziek: MUSIC IN MOTION

Buma Music in Motion is all about facilitating, mobilising and professionalising the creative and music industries, and there’s no better or more fun way to do that than by placing like-minded people directly in front of each other. Whether you want to share your hard-earned knowledge, discuss the current state of the industry, get feedback on a project or do business, we’re delighted to be able to bring you together.

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